Friday, 30 December 2011


As much of a celebration that it is meant to be NYE is a time of year I dread (as is my birthday – except the present part of course!). It’s a time where you try and get all your friends who aren’t even friends with each other, as well as family and partners under the same roof and intoxicated with alcohol. If only it was that simple!
Problem number one: you don’t know where to go. So and so doesn’t like this place or so and so is barred from that place just makes everything difficult. And affording tickets, I mean, why does everywhere have to have tickets?!
Second problem: who is coming? You want to invite your closest pals but they don’t all get on. And then they want to bring their other friend but no one likes her. And you want to spend it with your boyfriend but he wants to spend it with his mates so you’re stuck with no kiss at midnight. What a bummer!
Final and most important problem: what to wear. You’ve got a dress in mind and it’s perfect but you can’t find it anywhere - the story of my life I swear. You look in all your local shops, further away shops and even online but nope, the perfect dress is nowhere to be seen! Or even worse, you’ve found it and you’re holding on to it for dear life but it isn’t in your size! I always find it really difficult because with my birthday being only a week before NYE I have to find two perfect dresses and it’s hard enough finding one!
Every year I do the same thing by leaving it to the last minute, and although I always have a laugh, it’s so stressful! So to help prevent always plan a month ahead! That may just have to be my new year’s resolution!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

The New Primary Colours

From being a little nipper you’re always told that red, yellow, and blue are the basic colours you need. However, this season has decided to shake it up and reinvent the primary colours we all grew up with.
To start with, instead of having the bright red we are used to, burgundy has taken over. Although I am a huge fan of red myself I can safely say that burgundy is one of my favourite colours now. Any item I buy I want it in burgundy to add to my collection. I have a vest top, skirt and leggings (which go really well with an oversized cream jumper) and I don’t think I will stop there. Now I have my eye on a dress and this one from Topshop is perfect; as it is a classic sleeveless shift with a nice textured finish and isn’t too long which I often find a problem.

Secondly, instead of bright yellow, which can look nice on those with dark hair and tanned skin (completely opposite to me), I much prefer mustard. Everywhere you look you see mustard in the shops and I can’t help but be tempted. My favourite piece is my mustard pencil skirt which I like to team with a navy top, black shirt or green jumper. It goes well with anything really which is more than you can say for yellow.
I went for the colour block theme by teaming the navy top and shoes with the mustard skirt and red bag.
And lastly, and possibly my favourite colour to wear ever; navy is the new blue. You name it, I have it in navy; heels, dresses, tops, shorts, skirts, it works as a really good replacement for black as it brightens up the outfit more, and works so much better with red and yellow so you can’t be mistaken for Dennis the Menace or a bumble bee. However, it’s really tricky to mix the two; you really need to get it right, which I think is to use minimal black with navy.
So change the way you view the primary colours, as burgundy, mustard and navy are the way forward and a great base to any outfit.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Aztec Obsession

Now I understand that Aztec had been a massive trend from summer through until winter, but lately I just can’t get enough of it.
                After Christmas shopping and looking in endless amounts of shops and finding the same jumper four times over in different shops, everything seems to become a clothing blur.
                For Christmas I really wanted some Aztec leggings and oversized cardigan, not to wear together but they can jazz up any outfit and it’s been such a massive trend for so long I don’t know why I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet. But with all the prints you can’t help but get a headache and picking between two totally different patterns is so frustrating (the simple answer would be to get both but you don’t want to overdo it, I think one Aztec pair is enough for any wardrobe).
                However, this was all until I entered Newlook. Straight away I spotted the cardigan, hanging there in its cream, red and black print, waiting for me to pick it up. It’s just what I wanted. And I don’t know about you but I like mine quite baggy, oversized knits are always the way forward in winter when you want that extra warmth, just be sure that it fits under your coat! 

                Pretty impressed with my find I carried on looking around the store and found a whole array of Aztec leggings. Black and white ones, red ones, blue ones, and then I found THE ones; coloured Aztec print leggings. I liked all the others, I think black and white leggings work well with most outfits so if you want to try the trend but are scared, Newlook do a lovely pair to get you started. However, I fell in love with these ones, the colours mean I can wear a purple or orange top with them, and of course staple black and white as they go with anything; I just love how versatile they are.

                Therefore the only thing to do was pick them up and hand the cardigan and leggings over to the mother. I am pleasantly surprised with Newlook, they have all the trends under one roof so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in there.
                The only bad thing is I have to wait until Christmas day to open them… I don’t think I can wait that long!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The British Fashion Awards

The best of the fashion industry came out to play last night for the British Fashion Awards at The Savoy Hotel and Theatre which were hosted by George Lamb and Lauren Laverne.
If there was any time to get your glad rags on it was last night, and most of them most certainly did. But first, lets talk about the winners. The award that everyone wanted, Designer of the year 2011 award went to Sarah Burton for Alexandra McQueen. The award was highly deserved not only for her ultimate design on Kate Middleton’s dress but many were wearing Alexandra McQueen last night such as Kristen McMenamy who looked a vision in cream.

Two new awards were introduced last night, the New Establishment Award and the Emerging Talent – Menswear award. Christopher Kane won the New Establishment Award for the release of his own label whereas Christopher Raeburn won the Menswear award, which by looking at the double breasted suit jacket he wore with a classic white shirt and black skinny tie he totally deserved it.
Amongst the many winners there was someone everyone is familiar with, whether you ike fashion or not, and that was Victoria Beckham. She picked up the Designer Brand award and kept it simple with a long line black halter neck, although looking as elegant as ever, she really could have done with a stick on bra, it looks like The Savoy was erm… rather cold…

But one talent that deserved their award due to their outfit on the night was definitely Alexa Chung. In my eyes she can do now wrong, her messy shoulder length cut and block fringe went down well with her gorgeously embellished dress, and not to mention her Charlotte Olympia cat shoes.  Her Christopher Kane number was easily one of my favourites of the night.

One celebrity that you can always count on to have a show stopping outfit is Kate Moss. Although the long line net dress with velvet trim is not my kind of thing, however along with her fur coat I think she pulled off the vintage dress.

It was all about who was wearing who last night and Stella McCartney did well to get Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman and Kate Hudson in her best frocks yet. There wear one shouldered, tight fitting and plunging necklines all over the place last night.  Although some outrageous outfits everyone looked amazing, it makes you proud to be British.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

It's all in black and white

I'm always browsing the web, jumping from site to site looking for trends and inspiration and what have I come across today on Why everything in black and white of course.
     I won't lie to you, I never used to be a fan of black and white together too much, the colours too much of a juxtaposition with the innocent white and daring black. However, after recently purchasing a sleeveless long white shirt with a little black neck tie from River Island itself, I have come round to the idea.
     So I decided to investigate further, and once looking on their website I saw so many more beautiful pieces. For instance, this black shirt with the embellished collar. I absolutely love this because it is bang on trend with the beaded collar, and its not too jazzy, a nice way to dress up a plain outfit.

     Which is why I also like this skirt. I think it's perfect for new years or a Christmas party, this is the only time of year you can really get away with a sparkly piece. A simple top would set the skirt off perfectly.

     But back to the contrast of black and white. Sometimes it can be too much if its within one piece of clothing but River Island have really done themselves proud with this dress. I think i need it in my life, its very sophisticated glamour with a touch of cute. The style suits most body shapes as well so I can see this being a top seller.

     With this colour co-ordination i wouldn't take it over the top by having a white bag and black shoes, I'd stick to a base colour like black so that the white stands out nicely and but doesn't look too matchy. Or if you're more daring maybe a statement colour like red shoes, or to go against the tide with electric blue or bottle bank green (which is seriously in this winter).
     So don't knock the monochrome ways of fashion, fashion develops in time and this trend certainly has thanks to River Island.

Friday, 18 November 2011

It's a Generation Thing...

Recently I went shopping with my friends, I wasn’t actually looking for anything in particular but that’s always how it starts! I stumbled across an amazing dress in New look. It was exactly what I had been looking for for my birthday (although two months away at the time, my theory is no one will have it by then anyway and it’s never too early to start looking).
I had wanted a sparkly dress, you know how it is on your birthday, you want to stand out and this dress was it, it was THE dress.

But, the problem is… It was from the Generations section in New look! The range that does sizes in ages! I was gutted and couldn’t believe my perfect dress was for 12 year olds. I would appreciate the dress so much more than them!
That was until I spotted an age 14 at the back. You’re probably thinking that’s a bit ambitious, I know, but I picked it out and analysed it. I haven’t grown too much since being 14 – well,  being 5ft 3 you  could argue that I haven’t grown at all. It actually looked a decent size when I held it up against me.
While cringing about being a 19 year old that is buying an age 14 dress I had to get it! Surely it doesn’t matter what section it’s from as long as it fits right? And it did! My bum wasn’t hanging out, my boobs weren’t squashed in (nice to know I have the chest of a 14 year old!) it was actually perfect.
I can’t praise the dress enough, I really think a sequined dress is the direction to go if buying a dress this Christmas or New-year. It adds a touch of magic to your wardrobe and it’s a total eye catcher when you’re out.
My personal favourites are black sparkly dresses, with long sleeves and a dipped back, nothing is sexier than that. I think it’s the idea of being covered up with only your legs and back showing, giving you a classy look.
So one of my biggest tips for this winter is the sequin dress, and don’t knock looking in the least likely places like Generations in New look because you can find your dream dress, just maybe take your little sister with you and pretend It’s for her!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Its Got to be... Furfect!

Sorry for the terrible pun in the title but I thought it worked quite well! Anyway, back to the point, moving into my second year at university I have been faced with many more challenges than the previous year, one of them being fur. But I don’t mean a higher level of education challenge.
I always find fur a challenge, whether it’s wearing, working or even talking about fur. There are so many ethical issues around the fashion statement that it’s hard to express your feelings without being scorned at.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s right to kill harmless animals for a selfish cause such as a fashion piece and I do stand by that. However, I do love fur, fake fur is the only option of course – or is it?
Here is my problem; my great Nan has a real, black, glossy fur coat that has been passed down through the family, and I could be next in line. I really want it, it’s gorgeous, but can I outweigh the ethical issues and feeling of guilt somehow? I don’t think I can, but I can give it a try. Even if I don’t wear it it’s already been made so would be a massive waste not to wear it? And no one has to know its real right?

My problem is that my views aren’t strong enough. I wish I was totally against it; I like to think I am but I see my nans coat and just want it, it’s like Phoebe in friends when she gets a fur coat – totally against it until she tries it on.
Until I am actually passed down that real fur coat, my decision for now is to stick to the fake ones, and to be honest I think it always will be, just think it’s a shame to leave such a beautiful coat in the attic until my children can find a better reason than I could to wear it instead of a fake one!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Twinkle Twinkle Little Shorts

If you’re an avid reader of my blog then you’ll remember me saying about how I wanted some leather hot pants. Well now the hot pant obsession has developed; into glitter ones!
It’s one of the things I love about it getting closer to Christmas – all the sparkles come out in the shops and you get away with over dressing. But when I was browsing I came across a gorgeous pair of blue glitter shorts. My initial instinct was ‘I MUST have them!’

I did look in store and found them, didn’t have my size and £40 is a bit steep for a student like me but I wish I could have got them! I would have even put up with the fact that the bottom of my bum cheeks would have had a slight chill as the shorts were that tiny. But wearing tights with them keeps my dignity intact surely?
I have come across many other gleaming treasures in the shops, blazers in Zara, tops in Topshop, and even glitter converse online that my housemate is desperate to get! On the other hand though, you have to be careful with sequins and glitter. They can look awfully tacky! But in my eyes Topshop can do no wrong (I go on about their clothes enough on my blog) and I have found personally that their extravagant pieces can’t be deemed as tacky in any way. This is also the case with Zara, so if you want a decent dress/top/shorts or even sequin bag, those two are your best bets.
I am still to buy these shorts, but I will! I just need to learn how to save money instead of heading to the food court every time I go into town.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Take a Bow

I can’t say that I am a huge fan of the masculine look on women, as much as I hate to say it I do think it only suits certain women, those around 5ft9 with a 26inch waist. And let’s be honest, how many of us actually look like that?! But I do love a good blazer and white shirt but not all together.
However, I am starting to become a fan of the dickie bowtie with a buttoned up shirt, I just think it looks really quirky. I have tried it myself, all I used was a wired head band to see if it looked good on, and I actually liked it! So there’s a tip if you don’t want to run out and buy one!
My attempt at a bowtie!
But if you do want to buy one, Topshop are doing a lovely range, made from velvet in every colour, which I think helps blend in with autumn and winter really well. Whereas ASOS’ range has more of a pop art appeal. Their patterns consist of polka dots and stripes, which could really add to a plain outfit. The headband I used was floral and I really liked how it added to my khaki green shirt.

A few months ago I wore one out, a plain black bow with a cream sheer shirt. I really liked it, but felt like a bit of a waiter, so I can see that this accessory might not hit all the catwalks but I think they’re quite a fun way to add to your outfit, without breaking the bank, just be prepared for people to shout their food orders at you if you’re rocking a black bowtie.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

New Heights for Tights

Although the weather doesn’t actually know what it’s doing with itself, logically it is meant to be winter, which means only one thing; wrapping up those pins!
But that doesn’t necessarily mean ruffling through your wardrobe to find the long johns and wearing two pairs of trousers, I’m talking about tights! Every women’s best friend in the colder months.
Luckily for us we don’t have to be stuck with out old bobbly wool tights that everything sticks to, fashion has moved on, and if you ask me, it was about time!
Patterned tights are the way forward and I can’t help but jump on the band wagon myself. My personal favourites are the classic dotty ones; they just make your outfit sometimes and jazz up the old denim shorts. Although, you do have to but about eight pairs at a time because they are rather thin and easy to ladder. My tip is to get a bigger pair than you would usually get – then they have more give when caught on something! The heart tights are also a personal favourite.

However, if you’re style is a little more outrageous and you want to turn heads, House of Holland have amazing, quirky patterns that will transform any outfit. Flicking through Vogue online I came across the snooker ball tights and couldn’t help but be inspired by them. With a little black dress I really think they would work well. On the other hand, I’m all for mixing patterns, but putting these tights with some animal print just wouldn’t go down well. If these are to be worn they should be worn as a statement piece, and what a statement you would be making.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

It was inevitable really..

I don't actually know why I am so angry, it was bound to happen at some point but my cheap mascara I bought along with the patchy foundation exploded in my bag! The bottom of my bag is now a nice black colour rather than tan and decided to stain everything else in my bag too. To be honest, I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner rather than later, I mean it was broken already although still usable. Thank god my mum bought me a new one two days ago literally (If you moan at your parents about not having money to buy makeup- an essential in everyday life, they WILL eventually buy it for you), or i would be as busted as the mascara.

Saturday, 10 September 2011


Something I really wish i could have gone to on the 8th September was Fashion's Night Out. Rubbing shoulders with the celebrities and being exposed to fashion exclusives and the exclusive tour of the London shops would have been, in one word, amazing.
However, seeing as I wasn't one of the fortunate ones i had to get all I could out of it from the wonderful web. And what did I see? Leather of course!
The street style was strapped with leather from jackets to boots and back to belts. I won't lie, if I was wearing my leather jacket and leggings I would have felt quite smug because they were everywhere. Leather desert boots were by far the most popular piece which means we can all recycle last years buy. They looked great with neutral shades, especially girly dresses, I've always loved that look though.
I do realise I sound like I'm promoting leather, no I do not have an ad campaign going on here! But I just thought I'd share what i took from FNO, next year my aim is to be the one there in my leather boots.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Don't Get Lippy Now

Being a Topshopaholic – like most girls I know, I have to have my daily dose of or all hell breaks loose! Although at the moment I can’t afford anything so I am really doing myself no favours but it really is like my drug.
Anyway, halfway through the ‘new in’ section I stumble across some beauties; LIP  TATTOOS! Are they serious?
Don’t get me wrong; I kind of wish I had that kooky, anything goes style that could probably pull these off but I just think it’s a bit of a stupid invention. I mean, if they went on dragons den with these they’d leave with nothing!
Who knows, they could be the next big thing, but the only way I’d wear them would be for fancy dress.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

New Term, New Wardrobe? Sounds like a good enough excuse!

As my shifts at the greasy chippy come to an end i decided those six, long, hard weeks of work meant i deserved a treat! And as it's coming up for the beginning of my second year at university, it seems mad not to indulge in a spot of shopping in others places than Primark. Oh! And by the way, if you are an avid follower of this blog you'll know i bought some shorts from there a couple of weeks ago, well i have just about seen everyone wearing them! I think i have proven my point about Primark now!
Anyway, especially doing a fashion course, there’s an underlined pressure to look good at lectures and seminars, even if they are at nine in the morning after a night out drinking and on 3 hours sleep. I blame those girls that wake up over two hours before the seminar and start getting ready, I’m lucky to get out of bed 20 minutes before I have to leave! Which lead to me to a brainwave – a new wardrobe is needed!
One thing I love about my course and university is that I can experiment with my clothes, and kind of get away with it! So I invested in some leather leggings. To be honest, I’ve always thought of them to be quite trashy, like mutton dressed as lamb but when you’re 19 you can’t get mistaken for mutton can you? Unexpectedly I have become quite attached to them! I wore them out with a nice bias cut shirt and they gave the outfit a nice twist. I’m looking forward to wearing them with baggy jumpers come winter time.
(loving my leather leggings on the left!)

Another investment which my sister and I both purchased was the maxi skirt. I have been longing for one ever since Nicole Ritchie busted them out but just wasn’t brave enough. But like I said, university is the place you can get away with stepping outside the box; to be honest there will always be someone dressed weirder and worse than you! But I actually love it. I wore it when I went to dinner with my gal pals and they all seemed to like it, brutal honesty is some of their key features.
Now all I am looking for is a pair of leather shorts (over doing the leather I know but I will find the perfect pair!) and a textbook winter coat. Let’s face it; we could all do with our winter coats now!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Jump into Autumn

This autumn is going XL, with knitwear of course. Oversized jumpers are going to be next season’s wish-list wonder and the chunkier and slouchier the better!
The catwalk has already set the trend with Stella McCartney fashioning voluminous jumpers that are big enough to smuggle a midget in. While ALC keep it tight but add retro elbow pads that are going to be huge next season on not only jumpers but cardigans too.
I must admit I bought an oversized jumper last winter and absolutely loved it. It’s the easiest thing to just throw on and being so short I was able to wear it with just tights. I am definitely looking forward to pulling it out again this year, though that looks like it will be sooner rather than later with this weather.
One style that I do want to add to my wardrobe this season is the Fair Isle pattern. I think on both men and women it’s a great look, although my boyfriend doesn’t agree and won’t go near one. And when I purchase one of those bad boys I’m sure he’s going to pretend he doesn’t know me, but that’s the price I’m willing to pay for a beautiful jumper!
Cable knit have to be my favourite kind of heavy knit, even if they are like the ones your Nan wears! I just think they’re the most classic kind and look smarter. But frumpy jumpers are in so if they tickle your pickle then copy the catwalk with shapeless fuzzy textures, it’s that easier to be a fashionista this winter.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

I want some leather shorts!!!! I don't know if that's a fashion faux pau or a genious edition to my wardrobe to be honest?

Friday, 19 August 2011

Louboutin Vs YSL

As soon as you see a red sole on a well-designed heel you automatically think Louboutin, right? Well that may not be the case anymore. YSL has breached its copyright by copying the red soles that Louboutin are so well known for and are therefore being sued.
"Mr. Louboutin is the first designer to develop the idea of having red soles on women's shoes," the lawsuit said. "The defendants' use of red footwear outsoles that are virtually identical to the plaintiffs' Red Sole Mark is likely to cause and is causing confusion, mistake and deception among the relevant purchasing public."
Louboutin’s red sole is its trademark and apparently asked YSL to not use the red soles back in January, but YSL did not respond and are now being asked to halt all production of the iconic soles.
However, this isnt the first time Mr Louboutin has had to take legal action against copyrights as in 2007 Oh Deer! were sued for using the famous soles. You think YSL would have done their homework and thought twice about copying the company.
Although, YSL bit back by saying: "Red outsoles are a commonly used ornamental design feature in footwear, dating as far back as the red shoes worn by King Louis XIV in the 1600s and the ruby red shoes that carried Dorothy home in The Wizard of Oz. As an industry leader who has devoted his entire professional life to women's footwear, Mr Louboutin either knew or should have known about some or all of the dozens of footwear models that rendered his sworn statement false."
This leads it to be unlikely that Louboutin will win the case. However both sides are offering as much evidence as possible and is still ongoing. I myself think that Louboutin should win, I know they don’t have “the monopoly on the colour” as YSL claimed but the red sole is an iconic gem within the fashion industry and I thought fashion was about not only expressing yourself but individuality? So why copy someone else’s design?

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Put on my Nude Suede Shoes.

I think I am in love! And I’m not talking about my boyfriend here, but a pair of beautiful shoes!
Every website I have been on lately has been showing off an array of suede and velvet wedges, heels, and pumps you name it. And although when I actually get some money together I am aiming to invest in a pair of orange suede wedges; I can’t help but think that I’d rather save up a few extra chip shop shifts to buy these, Topshop luxury velvet platform sandals.

They tick every box for me, they’re nude- so go with everything. Platform- let’s face it I need it at 5ft3. And last of all they are bang on trend with the velvet texture that can be worn summer and winter. And after all, Topshop shoes are of great quality!
It’s so tempting to press ‘Add to bag’…

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Quality or Quantity?

That is the question! As you all know I have recently had to take a job in a chip shop for the funds of my crazy wild lifestyle... But having to pay rent has really taken it out of my weekly wages. I have to save 80 big ones a week for rent which leaves me with a measly £32 to go crazy with! Which you can hardly go crazy with, am I right?
This leads me to say, I have now had to invest in quantity rather than quality, even though it goes against all my buying beliefs. You see, I would much rather save up the money and buy something I know I will love to its last use, than three little things I don’t mind. There’s nothing more satisfying than buying something you are truly happy with, as sad as it sounds it puts me in a good mood all day!
However, times are hard, and the other day I needed a new outfit and instead of heading to Topshop like usual, I had to go to Primark! Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with primark, I can often find some bits in there that are great but it’s just not my thing when I’m looking for a new, unique outfit.
But it gets worse. A lot worse! Not only have I had to make sacrifices with my wardrobe… but my makeup bag has bared the brunt of it too. Why is it that all your makeup decides to run out at the same time? My eyeliner is running out, I had to resort to cutting my foundation in half to get what was left on the inside and my bronzer decided to smash at the same time! So instead of wondering down the max factor isle in Boots, I opted for a cheaper option: collection 2000. Two items for a fiver sound so appealing when you need countless pieces of makeup and have a tenner to your name. But seriously, don’t do it to yourself! Go that little bit longer having a cheeky squirt of your mum’s foundation until you can afford your usual brand. I wish I never wasted that fiver to be honest! The foundation is rubbish, wipes any other makeup you have on completely off and clumps to your skin. And the mascara, broke before I even got a chance to swipe my eyelashes with it.
Moral of the story; quality is always best if you don’t want to go around with a patchy face and shorts that everyone has!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Top of the Crops

Seeing as its summer … well it’s supposed to be! I’m thinking about getting my long locks chopped and it seems I’m not alone as many celebrities have opted for the shoulder skimming lengths.
However, I am a massive wimp when it comes to my hair, my mum always tells me it’s just hair it’ll grow back but I really can’t be seen with a dodgy do for a couple of months!
Not like Pixie Lott who looks like a 7 year old has hacked it with some arts and crafts scissors. What was she thinking?! Yes, she’s gorgeous but not even Pixie can get away with this chop.
And what about Vanessa Hudgens ?! Now I would never have the confidence to go that short, and to be fair she can pull it off, but she really should have left it at a length where she can still put the boho extensions in!

All bitchiness aside, there are some celebrities who got the cream of the crop, such as Fearne Cotton, who actually pushed me towards the hairdressers. I LOVE her new hair from the cut to the colour; it suits her quirky style and takes us back the sixties.

Another celebrity who has won me over is Scarlett Johansson with her tousled bob. She makes maintaining a bob look easy, as if you could just hop out of bed and look perfect!
Now,, as to whether or not I cut a good 6 inches off my hair or not I’ll have to let you know, but with celebrities like Fearne and Scarlett around I can see it happening a lot sooner than later.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Working Hard for the Money

You can put it off for as long as possible (i sure as hell did) but when push comes to shove, it comes to that day where your savings (i wish i had some in the first place!) or parent's account just can't put up with your demands anymore and you hear those dreaded words; "Get a job!"
Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to me about a week ago. The remains of my student loan had been soaked up by the house rent so i thought it was time to write a CV! Having only two jobs in my life, with one lasting 4 shifts i didn’t have much to write. You can always write some little white lies on your CV though can't you? Let’s just hope they don't ring up my neighbour thinking i actually used to babysit the daughter they never had!
However, being as lazy as i am, i put it off. And off. And off again until my rent was due out and i didn’t have the money. So what did i do? Panic my arse off and go to every cafe in the area and give them my details. Yet however how desperate i was, when my mum suggested working in Tesco express round the corner and Asda in town, i turned my nose up it thinking about the uniform and how i couldn’t possibly be seen in it.
Be warned though readers, just think of the money and not the outfit! Having it been about 2 weeks since i gave out my details to just about everyone, i hadn’t heard anything! The due date was coming closer and my bank balance was getting lower and i was becoming more desperate. So desperate that i accepted my only job offer of a chip shop that one of the cafes that I had asked in passed my number to.
And yes, i took the job! I have to wear a vile stripy tabard and meet and greet customers with greasy chips for 20 hours a week. It’s not the job I’d hoped for, like working in Topshop and receiving their discount but when times get hard i guess you have to be grateful for anything!
Now i wish that at the beginning of the summer i went and looked for a job to feed my clothes addiction and pay for nights out that i had to miss out on!
I'll get there one day, I'll be a Topshop stylist and never have to ask if you want it open or wrapped again. But until then, don't knock a chippy, it’s what helps you swap that horrible tabard at the end of the day for that new dress you've had your eye on at the end of the day.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Feeling Festive?

Don't worry, I'm not talking about christmas already - although it is only 6 months away, I'm talking about the highlight of most peoples summer... Festivals!
Now I've never been to one, being a student and all my loan won't stretch that far after blowing it all in Topshop on loan day, but i can't help but love the fashion. The closest I've got to going to a festival is pitching up a tent with my wellies and denim shorts on in my front room, watching V Fest on the tele, eating a cold can of beans!
But if i did ever go, I would have to take about 8 suitcases! I always see so many people like Sienna Miller and Alexa Chung throwing themselves into the festival pit of fashion and looking amazing in their floral dresses and boots or hotpants and trilby hats!
If i were going this year i would say my top six pieces to wear would be:
1. Wellies - a standard staple for the english weather! But if i had to pick any wellies i would usually always say Hunter wellies in a classic green or red, but this year i think I would mix it up a little and splash out on some Timberland Welfleet wellies, they're give a bit more of an edge to your outfit and if bought in black they'll go with anything.
2. Denim shorts - the official piece of clothing that I'm sure were made for festivals! But a good highwasted pair that keep my bum cheeks in would suit me fine, in a washed out denim look that'll look fresher than you by the end of the weekend.
3. Crochet waistcoat - best piece to bring the festival trends up to 2011.
4. Rain coat - You know what England's weather is like, so you'd be silly not to pack a coat! If i were getting one this year i'd want a bright polkadot one, if you have to wear it it'll cover up your outfit so it has to be a statment cover up.
5. Sunnies - you know it's summer when you get your sunnies out so you'll need a good, oversized pair to take to festival. They'll be handy to cover up your hungover, puffy eyes in the morning too.
6. Hat - It would be a crime not to wear a hat to a festival, my all time favourites are trilby hats because i think they scream festival chic and you can get floral and bright bands around them to set your outfit. They also hide your hair on the final day when it's greasy enough to fry an egg in!
Don't get me wrong, the amazing acts playing at all the festivals are what effect your decision of which one to go to and create the experience, but for me right now its more a fashion festival than a music festival! Hopefully next year i'll be able to rock out to Ellie Goulding in my denims somewhere.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Young Man attacked on night out in Soton leaves residents fearful

Left in intensive care, a young was attacked outside 90 degrees bar on a night out with his friends on the 12th March after a drunken scrap.
The victim was struck down to the streets of Carlton Place as two groups conflicted, directly outside the bar, 90 Degrees shortly before the man was taken to Southampton General Hospital. Local residents and student’s parents are now worried about the safety of the area and their children, as Southampton is home to over 52,000 students.

44 year old Paula Bishop, a mother of a first year student at Solent University said: “After hearing about the attack I can’t help but worry about my daughter every time she goes out, I have to know where she’s going and can’t sleep until I know she’s back in the safety of her own halls. Student safety needs to be taken seriously in such a student based area”.
With two universities based in the city, and 52,000 students living in the area police are making students’ safety their main priority.
The police were called at approximately 1.50 am where they found the victim outside the busy bar, suffering from serious head injuries; so the police are taking no chances in letting it happen again. They are calling all witnesses of the attack to come forward with any evidence to help with the investigation after the scene of the crime was cornered off for forensic examination on Sunday 13th March.
Resident police officer, Tracey Dang, who patrols the area and visits student accommodations frequently to talk to students, admitted: “Students should be extra careful around Bedford place and the high street on weekends; they’re always busy nights for us and where we often find the most trouble. But to keep the area as safe as possible we are always patrolling the area for any signs of danger. We strongly believe that students should look after themselves and try and steer clear from as much trouble as they can, especially under the influence of alcohol to escape from situations like the one at Carlton Place”.
Two men in their 20s have already been arrested for the attack, however, the police are appealing for more witnesses to step forward as later on a third man for Hertfordshire has now been arrested and questioned about the attack. However, all three have been bailed whilst detectives look for further enquiries.
For students to feel safe in their chosen university town, police urge local residents to always speak up if a witness to any controversy. Police believe that the same group who attacked the helpless man fuelled another riot earlier outside a nearby club, which could have stopped the later attack from happening if someone had come forward beforehand.
Although the police were quick to act and defuse the situation, the bouncers of 90 degrees deserve a mention as they helped the police detain two suspects. However more witnesses are needed to further the investigation and have been asked to contact the police on 0845 0454545 if anyone holds any other information.

Contact Details:
Paula Bishop 07851239430
Tracey Dang

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Friday, 6 May 2011

All hail... galliano?

We all used to idolise him, his designs and were proud to know a Brit made it in the Paris Fashion house, Christian Dior. But oh how times have changed…
John Galliano at 50 years old should know better than to kick up a fuss in a public Paris bar when the paparazzi are always lurking around, and nothing can go a miss with todays’ technology.
The innocent people who were enjoying a quiet afternoon out filmed the former creative directors’ explosion of anger as his career and name deteriorated in front of them.
Crying out as he finished of one of many drinks, “people like you should be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be fucking gassed”. He also claimed that he loved Hitler, which he proved by shouting anti-Semitic comments. The funny thing is, if you can see a funny side to this, is that they wasn’t even Jewish?
I don’t understand who Galliano thinks he is passing comment on a sensitive subject and personally attacking these people, I’m surprised we didn’t hear the famous “do you know who I am?” phrase, although after this I wouldn’t be surprised if he had used it in the past.

The sad thing is, this wasn’t the first time it happened as a week before in another bar, and surprise surprise after another few drinks he attacked a woman – who was French telling her she had a ‘dirty Jew face’ and threatened to kill her friend who was Asian. Seriously? He’s the one in the foreign country being insulting to the locals, dare I say someone might be a bit of a hypocrite? To be honest with attacks like these it was about time he was suspended by the fashion label, Dior.
Being associated with such a racist could seriously affect the label, it has been said that Natalie Portman- the face of Dior’s Miss Dior Cherie fragrance, was to wear a Dior dress to the Oscars, but with being proud to be of a Jewish origin decided against it and wore a Rodarte dress instead. If only he could handle his drink and control his opinions, although I’m sure Dior have quite a few opinions of him now though.
It may be a bit strong of me to call him a fashion disgrace after his actions, but I’m going to do it anyway! Fashion is something that all countries and cultures can share, and as the front man of one of Paris’ leading Fashion houses he should know better and keep those opinions to himself and not use them against the public – his fans.

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Sunday, 10 April 2011

That's Life!

Things change. It's not always for how you want it to, and you can't always stop it but it can be negative and positive, depends how you look at it.
It has just hit me now coming home for easter, 7 months into my first year at uni how things have changed. Now i'm not going to say my friends and family have changed but i haven't, because that would be lying, i can see changes in myself but it scares me to think others can probably see the changes more drastically. I think i have become more independant - before uni i wouldn't even take my plate out when i finished dinner but now not am i only cooking that meal but washing up after as well (although i still try to get out of that if i can!). But also, I'm not as afraid to say what i really think anymore, fair enough i still think you shouldnt say something if it will upset them - unless it's my sister or best friends because they can take it. But i mean if someone is being a lemon, i will tell them they're being a lemon, after all i'd like to be told and it doesn't have to be in a bitchy manner.
However, it is sad to notice your friends moving on with their new uni friends and everyone who didn't go to uni growing closer or forming new groups which you used to be a key member in. I've found it particularly hard coming to terms with my best friends having new best friends. I hate thinking I might not necessarily be the first person they ring when something funny/cringey/bad has happened, though it is nice when out of the blue that does happen, like a little reminder they still remember and value you. But i would be a hypocrite if i left this one sided. Although i like to think i try to keep incontact with my friends and family enough while I'm at uni i know i don't do it as much as i could - or would even like to. Plus i ALWAYS talk about my friends at uni saying "so and so did this" and "omg we did this" but then again i don't stop talking so my friends practically know my whole life story including what jimjams i wore to bed last night.
Although i don't really like change, i don't want to accept my friends have new friends and i don't know everything that's going on with my family, for me gong to uni has been the most positive move i have ever made, and that would be the same for my friends at their universities, so although it's negative for the rest of us, it's a positive change for them.
 But i have to admit i am lucky, new friends aside and everything when i come back it mainly feels like i have never left, everyone is just more excited to meet up which can only be a positive thing right? Life does change so we all have to deal with that,we'd be bored if it didn't!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. Coco Chanel

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Off the Chain.. Daisy Chain that is.

          Its true what they say, fashion trends go round full circle, and that’s no difference with the 70s laid back hippy look. It’s time to let loose those locks, loosen your waistband and drop those hem lines.
Let your bohemian beauty free with this summer’s biggest fashion statement; the maxi dress. With a dropped hemline and floaty, breezy fabrics the maxi dress is the ultimate 70s statement, especially teamed with floral prints in warm colours. However, seeing as I’m 5ft nothing they seem to drown me, so I guess I’ll leave the maxi dress to the leggy ladies. I also might leave them to flares which are revisiting the shops, they don’t really work for me but can look amazing teamed with a simple vest, signature oversized sunnies and a vintage floppy hat if you want to nail this trend.

 Something I am able to wear though is the knitted crochet waistcoat. I seriously need to invest in one, as I think it’s a summer statement this year, and could easily go over anything. Browns, creams and burnt orange are the colours to have, if you’re brave enough, a waistcoat fashioned with fringing can tackle two trends at once and push you to the top of the daisy chain.
Relive the rebellion and express yourself with rich colours and clashing prints. The best thing about this trend is the freedom to wear anything… with anything! You can be bold with floral prints at the same time as powerful paisley. It’s also quite retro to throw in an animal print clutch or belt to seal the deal. However, too many prints can look like you’ve rolled around in a jumble sale rather than daisies. For me, what puts the hippy in the chick is the accessories. And I don’t just mean putting a flower in your hair, the iconic peace sign necklace or a floppy hat; which I recommend for a low key 70s style. But I’m talking about the big, natural hair. Bigger is better, hairspray is a must (as if it isn’t anyway) so you better get perfecting your backcombing. Natural waves are easy to handle, day or night, so I can see it tying in well with the beach look this summer fashioned with a floral headband. But if you want to step it up a notch and hit that 70s glamour then go for the static brushed out crimp, your hair will look wild and free, just what the 70s fought for. This trend has the perfect pieces for you to make love, not war!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Put a Spring in your Step!

In preparation for Spring, fashion is taking a leaf out of nature’s book and dusting the catwalk with petals. That’s right, floral prints are going to be huge this season in order to get you in the mood for summer loving. You’ve seen it everywhere, even in Rihanna’s “Only Girl in the World” video she can’t get enough, so find out how you can be rolling in it.
                Flirty floral prints were seen all over the catwalk this season ranging from D&G maxi dresses to Carolina Herrera knee touching one pieces that can be adaptable to anyone’s taste. Hem lines were a major reoccurrence throughout the catwalk and are featuring all over the high-street with floor skimming skirts, dresses and palazzo trousers. Other than D&G; Etro and Jil Sander had the floral maxi dress blossoming over their spring/summer collections as well, showcasing that petal prints are going to be the highlight of all our wardrobes this season.
(Carolina Herrera's collection)
                Whatever your style, the flower frenzy can tailor to anyone’s taste; whether you’re being bold and bright and wanting to attract attention, by mixing prints in neon and block colours or making peace with your floral tee and recreating the 70s. And for the feminine females, the floral minimalism look in nude tones can flatter the romance within any girl.
                Continuing the feminine yet floral collaboration, the main material that reoccurred was silk. This includes short sunflower skirts, wide leg wild flower flares and sexy shirts. Shirts have made a huge comeback this season within male and female fashion, and therefore Mother Nature becomes father nature this season. With floral shirts hitting the high-street men are able to create that vintage look with one item. They can also water their sophisticated work wear with a floral tie or shirt can inject to any outfit.
However, if a floral dress seems too much for you flower buds but still want to bloom with the fashion felines then why not try floral accessories instead. To step into this fashion phase, flowery footwear is growing rapidly through the high-street with painted wooden wedges to entice our inner hippy chicks as well as cute peep toes for a sexy but feminine style. On the other hand, if statement shoes aren’t you’re cup of tea then how about jewellery? Giant rings in the shape of a rose are flying off shelves in pinks, reds and cream to resemble those roses we all wish for by our special someone. And for those who are feeling more adventurous, statement floral necklaces are key this season, as seen by celebrities like Keira Knightly fashioning them. Bright colours such as red are sure to get you noticed.
                For the revival of the 70s also being a hot trend for spring/summer 2011, ditsy prints and headbands mean you can tackle both trends at the same time, reliving those peace making and daisy chain wearing days that we couldn’t the first time. If you want to jump into this trend head first then the high-street is bubbling with bands catered for you. Large roses are reoccurring throughout the stores and appear to be a popular sight of the summer, however if you think this trend is going to be like a thorn in your side and can’t deal with the other girly style then smaller, plaited ditsy printed bands are the path for you.
                Fashion doesn’t only have to be what you see on the outside though, the most desired part of a flower is it’s nectar, which bees have to get passed the petals for so why not you do the same? Underwear can be on trend too, and floral lingerie is the ultimate girly fashion statement that would make any woman feel feminine. But don’t stop there as sexy nightwear can do the same trick, the only trouble you will have is being able to get out of your flowerbed.
(D&G collection)

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Pass the Bucket...

Kitten heels? ✔
Leather skirt? ✔
Low-cut top? ✔
The perfect checklist for that 50 year old women attempting to relive her youth, in other words, mutton dressed as lamb.
Kitten heels, where to start with kitten heels? One moment while i vom. Quite possibly the worst thing known to fashion since the bonnet back in the 18th century. Now we all love Audrey Hepburn and her classic look, she truely is a fashion icon from her head to her... Ankle? Yes, Audrey is the culprit for what has become almost an insult to fashion. There is even a Facebook group dedicated to the hate for the kitten heel, luckily for me, i'm not the only saddo taking time out to vent my distress towards this eye sore.
Who knew that extra 3.5 centimetres could take away most of the dignity that you had. Even at the mere thought of buying a pair, you'd be better off taking a trip to the psychiatrist instead as im sure the only explanation could be a nasty bump to the head.
Pass the bucket, that feelings coming back. I can't help but want to puke on every leather skirt. I lost some respect for Topshop the day i walked in and was greeted by a leather skirt, giving me an evil stare. I felt as though i was a helpless 15 year old being picked on by the older kids in school. Now, i understand the fashion revival and how everything comes back into the limelight, but the leather skirt is definitely something that should have stayed in the 1980's, just like the Nolans.
Don't get me wrong, it is possible to work the leather skirt, aslong as its tasteful. Look at Lauren Conrad, she never gets it wrong.

Talking of keeping it tasteful, its common sense to know that letting it all hang out is the ultimate fashion mistake. I'm all for the mini skirt, but only if the neckline isnt plunging, and vice versa. We all know its either legs or boobs, never both, unless its the cheap hooker look you're aiming for.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Vodka and Coke Please.

It seems to me that today; young adults are unable to enjoy a drink without being frowned upon. There has been so much bad press about teen drinking especially, with the boozy breaks abroad and underage drinking but what is so wrong with a 19 year old university student enjoying a night out at a club that only students are able to get in?
I like to drink for many reasons, firstly, it brings everyone together – I wouldn’t have bonded with the people I live with and course mates if it wasn’t for the little bottle of vodka we all had in common. Secondly, it relaxes you – you’re less conscious about how you are coming across and just want to have fun. And lastly, I don’t get hangovers!
I can understand where all the controversy comes from though; being a student in a highly based student town I have witnessed it first hand. Don’t get me wrong, I can't judge them – I too have hugged the pavement on a night out thinking it was my best friend, but if it becomes a regular habit it can become a problem.
As a student, especially in Southampton, everyday is an opportunity to get drunk. I wake up with constant flyers being posted under my doors about drink offers and even come back from a night out with a handful of flyers I can’t help but accept. But drinking around three times a week does not make me an alcoholic, so can someone please tell my mum?
The older generations enjoy it too, my parents are at the pub at least twice a week for a good socialise, but can’t help but judge when I tell them that I’m going to get drunk with the girls over a few cocktails for the third time this week already and it’s only Thursday. It’s inevitable that I will go out when there is somewhere different that offers a pound a drink every night, I take it easy compared to some of the hardcore boozers I know. To be honest witnessing someone chucking their guts up in my kitchen sink is enough to put anyone off binge drinking – and using that sink ever again!
I suppose what I’m trying to get at is that, I enjoy a drink quite a few times a week, but that doesn’t mean I’m one of those out of control teenagers you catch on the television causing a riot, it’s not fair to associate all teenagers with that image!

Friday, 11 February 2011

The Holiday

Arriving at five to six for a six o’clock start I’m greeted by a half ready male in jeans tighter than mine adjusting his tie as he approaches. “Erm, we’re just about to start our sound check now, we’ll be on at about seven, can’t you like go to the bar or something for a bit?” Although having to wait for an hour their suggestion of the bar had a positive effect on me and left me expecting them to be fun time boys with a healthy appetite for a good night out. But I couldn’t help but wonder if this first impression would last?
As seven o’clock struck I had to work my way through the tiny room full of girls, with banging hand bags and hair flicking in each other’s faces fighting to get to the front. Struggling to see through the dim lighting, a moody atmosphere falls upon the crowd with no one knowing what to expect of the unsigned and unheard of band. But still sound checking when everyone was patiently waiting gave the new band an unprofessional, laid back impression they possessed. Flashes of coloured lights hit the crowd, diminishing the glum atmosphere and anticipation as they quietly crept on stage.
This was The Holiday. A bunch of messy lads with a “fuck it lets go” attitude, just looking to perform to anyone that would listen to their “indie rock and cheesy pop” sound that can cater to many peoples taste. With five members to the band, there’s cheeky chap lead vocalist Jamie Smart, on bass and vocals is slightly shy James Harding, alongside him plays James Broderick with the only sound to come out of him is the amazing chords between his fingers in sync with the comedian of the band Daniel Cobb, and finally Jonathon Royston-Claire on drums with a personality as big as himself. Although within the band they have their different roles and play different parts within their friendships, the band that formed in Wetherspoons over a pint still want to give a sense of unity between them. 
They try to set the bands image with their similar preppy style. Skinny jeans; check, white shirts; check, tie; check, plimsolls; check, scruffy stubble; check. Although they may seem like five robots they all have an individual take on their outfits to match their contrasting personalities that are brought together by their muddy plimsolls. Front man of the band Jamie clearly has a fashion head hiding beneath his shiny brown locks as he sports a double breasted jacket over his Beatle inspired look. Whereas the shaggy haired guitarist, Dan kept his laidback look up with a Ralph Lauren bomber jacket and green tie to make his mark within the band; which is a major contrast to Harding who fashioned a smart blazer with his skinny jeans. Leaving the outspoken drummer; who liked to make a racket even at the most inappropriate times, and the silent guitarist who spoke through his guitar wearing basic jumpers over their shirts, to let their music do the talking instead of their image.
Although I had never heard of the band before, and I am sure I am not on my own with that as they confessed to enjoy being under the radar at the moment and being difficult to find online, on stage it felt like they had been performing together for ages. Jumping around and having a laugh with each other whilst performing seemed to be their main priority as they tapped their left legs in sync and bobbed around the stage with their mouths open, head banging to the beat, even those without a microphone were singing along. They generally enjoy their music themselves as Jonathon admitted “I played our new song, ‘The Weekend’ 106 times in 48 hours”. However it came most naturally to front man Jamie who spoke to the crowd while the others were still playing, struggling to be heard by the audience, whereas it appeared more awkward for both guitarists and even supporting vocalist who would look up at the coloured lights to avoid eye contact with the audience. To show their good time abilities and create a fun loving atmosphere they even try to encourage the audience to join in at their gigs by singing “hello sun, goodbye rain” in their self-confessed favourite song, “Cue the rain”.
The fun doesn’t stop once off stage though as the five lads seem to generally enjoy each other’s company with the banter flowing between them and soft play fighting every now and then. Although the band’s lead singer doesn’t like to get too involved with the physical jokes as he likes to play it cool slumped back in his chair with his left hand hanging over the back and a pint in the other. While the others, excluding overly talkative Jonathon who only gives the other members a chance to talk when he stops for a breath, the others sit nervously on the edge of their seats, clutching their hands and crossing over, then uncrossing their legs from time to time, sitting forward in a nervous manner every time they uttered a word.
But underneath the shy exterior laid a funny, light hearted band who could laugh at themselves, James Harding confessed: “This is really embarrassing but once I went on a three day bender and I pissed myself, twice!” to which the whole band burst into fits of laughter about, never tiring of hearing the same story or to mock him about it. To be honest this statement seemed to sum the band up. Although it was hard to get a word in edge ways with the huge drummer and difficult to get a word out Guitarist James, the banter between the boys was refreshing and really gave a sense of what it’s like to be a member of The Holiday.
Where there is believed to be a gap in the market for this Brit-pop guitar band with a self-proclaimed “fresh sound and attitude” the motor mouth member continues, “because we’re not like those other moody bands, we’re like a double rainbow”, the Southampton based band just wants to follow their dream of making it in the industry, as well as having a laugh along the way, which I don’t doubt for a second.