Thursday, 9 June 2011

Feeling Festive?

Don't worry, I'm not talking about christmas already - although it is only 6 months away, I'm talking about the highlight of most peoples summer... Festivals!
Now I've never been to one, being a student and all my loan won't stretch that far after blowing it all in Topshop on loan day, but i can't help but love the fashion. The closest I've got to going to a festival is pitching up a tent with my wellies and denim shorts on in my front room, watching V Fest on the tele, eating a cold can of beans!
But if i did ever go, I would have to take about 8 suitcases! I always see so many people like Sienna Miller and Alexa Chung throwing themselves into the festival pit of fashion and looking amazing in their floral dresses and boots or hotpants and trilby hats!
If i were going this year i would say my top six pieces to wear would be:
1. Wellies - a standard staple for the english weather! But if i had to pick any wellies i would usually always say Hunter wellies in a classic green or red, but this year i think I would mix it up a little and splash out on some Timberland Welfleet wellies, they're give a bit more of an edge to your outfit and if bought in black they'll go with anything.
2. Denim shorts - the official piece of clothing that I'm sure were made for festivals! But a good highwasted pair that keep my bum cheeks in would suit me fine, in a washed out denim look that'll look fresher than you by the end of the weekend.
3. Crochet waistcoat - best piece to bring the festival trends up to 2011.
4. Rain coat - You know what England's weather is like, so you'd be silly not to pack a coat! If i were getting one this year i'd want a bright polkadot one, if you have to wear it it'll cover up your outfit so it has to be a statment cover up.
5. Sunnies - you know it's summer when you get your sunnies out so you'll need a good, oversized pair to take to festival. They'll be handy to cover up your hungover, puffy eyes in the morning too.
6. Hat - It would be a crime not to wear a hat to a festival, my all time favourites are trilby hats because i think they scream festival chic and you can get floral and bright bands around them to set your outfit. They also hide your hair on the final day when it's greasy enough to fry an egg in!
Don't get me wrong, the amazing acts playing at all the festivals are what effect your decision of which one to go to and create the experience, but for me right now its more a fashion festival than a music festival! Hopefully next year i'll be able to rock out to Ellie Goulding in my denims somewhere.