Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. Coco Chanel

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Off the Chain.. Daisy Chain that is.

          Its true what they say, fashion trends go round full circle, and that’s no difference with the 70s laid back hippy look. It’s time to let loose those locks, loosen your waistband and drop those hem lines.
Let your bohemian beauty free with this summer’s biggest fashion statement; the maxi dress. With a dropped hemline and floaty, breezy fabrics the maxi dress is the ultimate 70s statement, especially teamed with floral prints in warm colours. However, seeing as I’m 5ft nothing they seem to drown me, so I guess I’ll leave the maxi dress to the leggy ladies. I also might leave them to flares which are revisiting the shops, they don’t really work for me but can look amazing teamed with a simple vest, signature oversized sunnies and a vintage floppy hat if you want to nail this trend.

 Something I am able to wear though is the knitted crochet waistcoat. I seriously need to invest in one, as I think it’s a summer statement this year, and could easily go over anything. Browns, creams and burnt orange are the colours to have, if you’re brave enough, a waistcoat fashioned with fringing can tackle two trends at once and push you to the top of the daisy chain.
Relive the rebellion and express yourself with rich colours and clashing prints. The best thing about this trend is the freedom to wear anything… with anything! You can be bold with floral prints at the same time as powerful paisley. It’s also quite retro to throw in an animal print clutch or belt to seal the deal. However, too many prints can look like you’ve rolled around in a jumble sale rather than daisies. For me, what puts the hippy in the chick is the accessories. And I don’t just mean putting a flower in your hair, the iconic peace sign necklace or a floppy hat; which I recommend for a low key 70s style. But I’m talking about the big, natural hair. Bigger is better, hairspray is a must (as if it isn’t anyway) so you better get perfecting your backcombing. Natural waves are easy to handle, day or night, so I can see it tying in well with the beach look this summer fashioned with a floral headband. But if you want to step it up a notch and hit that 70s glamour then go for the static brushed out crimp, your hair will look wild and free, just what the 70s fought for. This trend has the perfect pieces for you to make love, not war!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Put a Spring in your Step!

In preparation for Spring, fashion is taking a leaf out of nature’s book and dusting the catwalk with petals. That’s right, floral prints are going to be huge this season in order to get you in the mood for summer loving. You’ve seen it everywhere, even in Rihanna’s “Only Girl in the World” video she can’t get enough, so find out how you can be rolling in it.
                Flirty floral prints were seen all over the catwalk this season ranging from D&G maxi dresses to Carolina Herrera knee touching one pieces that can be adaptable to anyone’s taste. Hem lines were a major reoccurrence throughout the catwalk and are featuring all over the high-street with floor skimming skirts, dresses and palazzo trousers. Other than D&G; Etro and Jil Sander had the floral maxi dress blossoming over their spring/summer collections as well, showcasing that petal prints are going to be the highlight of all our wardrobes this season.
(Carolina Herrera's collection)
                Whatever your style, the flower frenzy can tailor to anyone’s taste; whether you’re being bold and bright and wanting to attract attention, by mixing prints in neon and block colours or making peace with your floral tee and recreating the 70s. And for the feminine females, the floral minimalism look in nude tones can flatter the romance within any girl.
                Continuing the feminine yet floral collaboration, the main material that reoccurred was silk. This includes short sunflower skirts, wide leg wild flower flares and sexy shirts. Shirts have made a huge comeback this season within male and female fashion, and therefore Mother Nature becomes father nature this season. With floral shirts hitting the high-street men are able to create that vintage look with one item. They can also water their sophisticated work wear with a floral tie or shirt can inject to any outfit.
However, if a floral dress seems too much for you flower buds but still want to bloom with the fashion felines then why not try floral accessories instead. To step into this fashion phase, flowery footwear is growing rapidly through the high-street with painted wooden wedges to entice our inner hippy chicks as well as cute peep toes for a sexy but feminine style. On the other hand, if statement shoes aren’t you’re cup of tea then how about jewellery? Giant rings in the shape of a rose are flying off shelves in pinks, reds and cream to resemble those roses we all wish for by our special someone. And for those who are feeling more adventurous, statement floral necklaces are key this season, as seen by celebrities like Keira Knightly fashioning them. Bright colours such as red are sure to get you noticed.
                For the revival of the 70s also being a hot trend for spring/summer 2011, ditsy prints and headbands mean you can tackle both trends at the same time, reliving those peace making and daisy chain wearing days that we couldn’t the first time. If you want to jump into this trend head first then the high-street is bubbling with bands catered for you. Large roses are reoccurring throughout the stores and appear to be a popular sight of the summer, however if you think this trend is going to be like a thorn in your side and can’t deal with the other girly style then smaller, plaited ditsy printed bands are the path for you.
                Fashion doesn’t only have to be what you see on the outside though, the most desired part of a flower is it’s nectar, which bees have to get passed the petals for so why not you do the same? Underwear can be on trend too, and floral lingerie is the ultimate girly fashion statement that would make any woman feel feminine. But don’t stop there as sexy nightwear can do the same trick, the only trouble you will have is being able to get out of your flowerbed.
(D&G collection)

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Pass the Bucket...

Kitten heels? ✔
Leather skirt? ✔
Low-cut top? ✔
The perfect checklist for that 50 year old women attempting to relive her youth, in other words, mutton dressed as lamb.
Kitten heels, where to start with kitten heels? One moment while i vom. Quite possibly the worst thing known to fashion since the bonnet back in the 18th century. Now we all love Audrey Hepburn and her classic look, she truely is a fashion icon from her head to her... Ankle? Yes, Audrey is the culprit for what has become almost an insult to fashion. There is even a Facebook group dedicated to the hate for the kitten heel, luckily for me, i'm not the only saddo taking time out to vent my distress towards this eye sore.
Who knew that extra 3.5 centimetres could take away most of the dignity that you had. Even at the mere thought of buying a pair, you'd be better off taking a trip to the psychiatrist instead as im sure the only explanation could be a nasty bump to the head.
Pass the bucket, that feelings coming back. I can't help but want to puke on every leather skirt. I lost some respect for Topshop the day i walked in and was greeted by a leather skirt, giving me an evil stare. I felt as though i was a helpless 15 year old being picked on by the older kids in school. Now, i understand the fashion revival and how everything comes back into the limelight, but the leather skirt is definitely something that should have stayed in the 1980's, just like the Nolans.
Don't get me wrong, it is possible to work the leather skirt, aslong as its tasteful. Look at Lauren Conrad, she never gets it wrong.

Talking of keeping it tasteful, its common sense to know that letting it all hang out is the ultimate fashion mistake. I'm all for the mini skirt, but only if the neckline isnt plunging, and vice versa. We all know its either legs or boobs, never both, unless its the cheap hooker look you're aiming for.