Monday, 9 May 2011

Young Man attacked on night out in Soton leaves residents fearful

Left in intensive care, a young was attacked outside 90 degrees bar on a night out with his friends on the 12th March after a drunken scrap.
The victim was struck down to the streets of Carlton Place as two groups conflicted, directly outside the bar, 90 Degrees shortly before the man was taken to Southampton General Hospital. Local residents and student’s parents are now worried about the safety of the area and their children, as Southampton is home to over 52,000 students.

44 year old Paula Bishop, a mother of a first year student at Solent University said: “After hearing about the attack I can’t help but worry about my daughter every time she goes out, I have to know where she’s going and can’t sleep until I know she’s back in the safety of her own halls. Student safety needs to be taken seriously in such a student based area”.
With two universities based in the city, and 52,000 students living in the area police are making students’ safety their main priority.
The police were called at approximately 1.50 am where they found the victim outside the busy bar, suffering from serious head injuries; so the police are taking no chances in letting it happen again. They are calling all witnesses of the attack to come forward with any evidence to help with the investigation after the scene of the crime was cornered off for forensic examination on Sunday 13th March.
Resident police officer, Tracey Dang, who patrols the area and visits student accommodations frequently to talk to students, admitted: “Students should be extra careful around Bedford place and the high street on weekends; they’re always busy nights for us and where we often find the most trouble. But to keep the area as safe as possible we are always patrolling the area for any signs of danger. We strongly believe that students should look after themselves and try and steer clear from as much trouble as they can, especially under the influence of alcohol to escape from situations like the one at Carlton Place”.
Two men in their 20s have already been arrested for the attack, however, the police are appealing for more witnesses to step forward as later on a third man for Hertfordshire has now been arrested and questioned about the attack. However, all three have been bailed whilst detectives look for further enquiries.
For students to feel safe in their chosen university town, police urge local residents to always speak up if a witness to any controversy. Police believe that the same group who attacked the helpless man fuelled another riot earlier outside a nearby club, which could have stopped the later attack from happening if someone had come forward beforehand.
Although the police were quick to act and defuse the situation, the bouncers of 90 degrees deserve a mention as they helped the police detain two suspects. However more witnesses are needed to further the investigation and have been asked to contact the police on 0845 0454545 if anyone holds any other information.

Contact Details:
Paula Bishop 07851239430
Tracey Dang

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Friday, 6 May 2011

All hail... galliano?

We all used to idolise him, his designs and were proud to know a Brit made it in the Paris Fashion house, Christian Dior. But oh how times have changed…
John Galliano at 50 years old should know better than to kick up a fuss in a public Paris bar when the paparazzi are always lurking around, and nothing can go a miss with todays’ technology.
The innocent people who were enjoying a quiet afternoon out filmed the former creative directors’ explosion of anger as his career and name deteriorated in front of them.
Crying out as he finished of one of many drinks, “people like you should be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be fucking gassed”. He also claimed that he loved Hitler, which he proved by shouting anti-Semitic comments. The funny thing is, if you can see a funny side to this, is that they wasn’t even Jewish?
I don’t understand who Galliano thinks he is passing comment on a sensitive subject and personally attacking these people, I’m surprised we didn’t hear the famous “do you know who I am?” phrase, although after this I wouldn’t be surprised if he had used it in the past.

The sad thing is, this wasn’t the first time it happened as a week before in another bar, and surprise surprise after another few drinks he attacked a woman – who was French telling her she had a ‘dirty Jew face’ and threatened to kill her friend who was Asian. Seriously? He’s the one in the foreign country being insulting to the locals, dare I say someone might be a bit of a hypocrite? To be honest with attacks like these it was about time he was suspended by the fashion label, Dior.
Being associated with such a racist could seriously affect the label, it has been said that Natalie Portman- the face of Dior’s Miss Dior Cherie fragrance, was to wear a Dior dress to the Oscars, but with being proud to be of a Jewish origin decided against it and wore a Rodarte dress instead. If only he could handle his drink and control his opinions, although I’m sure Dior have quite a few opinions of him now though.
It may be a bit strong of me to call him a fashion disgrace after his actions, but I’m going to do it anyway! Fashion is something that all countries and cultures can share, and as the front man of one of Paris’ leading Fashion houses he should know better and keep those opinions to himself and not use them against the public – his fans.

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