Wednesday, 29 May 2013

eBay Find

I think most people forget about eBay when it comes to online shopping, but you can find some of the best pieces on there.
I've been meaning to blog about this clutch for a while, but me and my friend spotted it on an eBay shop online. I love an over-sized clutch (mainly because the bigger the clutch the smaller you look)  but this one came in so many colours it was difficult to say no. 
I went for red, it isn't my first red bag so maybe I should have gone for a different colour but I couldn't help myself. Red is such a good block colour and usually works well as a statement piece.
There aren't many places you buy a brand new clutch for £16, and this comes with a free pack of hairbands, which is always handy because I never have any (where do they go - along with hair grips?!). 
I'm tempted to order it in more colours...

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