Monday, 2 July 2012

Today I'm wearing...

To kick start my long absence from writing for my blog, (due to an internship and holiday to malia) I thought I'd start a "today I'm wearing" post which hopefully will become a regular occurrence.

For those of you who are interested in working with fashion and internships I will soon post a piece on my experiences at Mudpie trend forecasting agency.

My outfit today consists of a sleeveless white shirt, raspberry coloured skater skirt, a tweed blazer, black tights and black brogues with studs. However, I must warn you that while I am writing this waiting for a bus in windy conditions it is not an ideal outfit. Thank god for thick black tights is all I can say. The English weather had me fooled once again, or I just got over excite by the one patch of blue in the sky and based my outfit upon that!

Back to the outfit, the skirt is from Miss Selfridge and compliments the masculinity of the crisp white cotton shirt against the raspberry floaty fabric. The shirt is from river island itself and in fact is a bias cut shirt that came with a black neck tie. It's one of my favourite pieces because it can work with any outfit as well as on it's own; whether you want a basic look or something more contemporary.

To finish the look off I teamed the outfit with a tweed blazer. It creates a heritage feel and adds authenticity to the look, rather than combining colour pop with the skirt. By combining the skirt and the blazer it ages the childlike connotations of a skater skirt and matures the overall look.

I did create a bow tie out of a wired headband, which I really liked,, but with the tweed it looked too geek chic for my liking but worked really well.

My choice of brogues from urban outfitters as footwear was because brogues and blazers go hand in hand in my fashion books. They compliment each other well while the studs give an edge to the clean cut outfit.