Sunday, 24 July 2011

Top of the Crops

Seeing as its summer … well it’s supposed to be! I’m thinking about getting my long locks chopped and it seems I’m not alone as many celebrities have opted for the shoulder skimming lengths.
However, I am a massive wimp when it comes to my hair, my mum always tells me it’s just hair it’ll grow back but I really can’t be seen with a dodgy do for a couple of months!
Not like Pixie Lott who looks like a 7 year old has hacked it with some arts and crafts scissors. What was she thinking?! Yes, she’s gorgeous but not even Pixie can get away with this chop.
And what about Vanessa Hudgens ?! Now I would never have the confidence to go that short, and to be fair she can pull it off, but she really should have left it at a length where she can still put the boho extensions in!

All bitchiness aside, there are some celebrities who got the cream of the crop, such as Fearne Cotton, who actually pushed me towards the hairdressers. I LOVE her new hair from the cut to the colour; it suits her quirky style and takes us back the sixties.

Another celebrity who has won me over is Scarlett Johansson with her tousled bob. She makes maintaining a bob look easy, as if you could just hop out of bed and look perfect!
Now,, as to whether or not I cut a good 6 inches off my hair or not I’ll have to let you know, but with celebrities like Fearne and Scarlett around I can see it happening a lot sooner than later.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Working Hard for the Money

You can put it off for as long as possible (i sure as hell did) but when push comes to shove, it comes to that day where your savings (i wish i had some in the first place!) or parent's account just can't put up with your demands anymore and you hear those dreaded words; "Get a job!"
Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to me about a week ago. The remains of my student loan had been soaked up by the house rent so i thought it was time to write a CV! Having only two jobs in my life, with one lasting 4 shifts i didn’t have much to write. You can always write some little white lies on your CV though can't you? Let’s just hope they don't ring up my neighbour thinking i actually used to babysit the daughter they never had!
However, being as lazy as i am, i put it off. And off. And off again until my rent was due out and i didn’t have the money. So what did i do? Panic my arse off and go to every cafe in the area and give them my details. Yet however how desperate i was, when my mum suggested working in Tesco express round the corner and Asda in town, i turned my nose up it thinking about the uniform and how i couldn’t possibly be seen in it.
Be warned though readers, just think of the money and not the outfit! Having it been about 2 weeks since i gave out my details to just about everyone, i hadn’t heard anything! The due date was coming closer and my bank balance was getting lower and i was becoming more desperate. So desperate that i accepted my only job offer of a chip shop that one of the cafes that I had asked in passed my number to.
And yes, i took the job! I have to wear a vile stripy tabard and meet and greet customers with greasy chips for 20 hours a week. It’s not the job I’d hoped for, like working in Topshop and receiving their discount but when times get hard i guess you have to be grateful for anything!
Now i wish that at the beginning of the summer i went and looked for a job to feed my clothes addiction and pay for nights out that i had to miss out on!
I'll get there one day, I'll be a Topshop stylist and never have to ask if you want it open or wrapped again. But until then, don't knock a chippy, it’s what helps you swap that horrible tabard at the end of the day for that new dress you've had your eye on at the end of the day.