Sunday, 10 April 2011

That's Life!

Things change. It's not always for how you want it to, and you can't always stop it but it can be negative and positive, depends how you look at it.
It has just hit me now coming home for easter, 7 months into my first year at uni how things have changed. Now i'm not going to say my friends and family have changed but i haven't, because that would be lying, i can see changes in myself but it scares me to think others can probably see the changes more drastically. I think i have become more independant - before uni i wouldn't even take my plate out when i finished dinner but now not am i only cooking that meal but washing up after as well (although i still try to get out of that if i can!). But also, I'm not as afraid to say what i really think anymore, fair enough i still think you shouldnt say something if it will upset them - unless it's my sister or best friends because they can take it. But i mean if someone is being a lemon, i will tell them they're being a lemon, after all i'd like to be told and it doesn't have to be in a bitchy manner.
However, it is sad to notice your friends moving on with their new uni friends and everyone who didn't go to uni growing closer or forming new groups which you used to be a key member in. I've found it particularly hard coming to terms with my best friends having new best friends. I hate thinking I might not necessarily be the first person they ring when something funny/cringey/bad has happened, though it is nice when out of the blue that does happen, like a little reminder they still remember and value you. But i would be a hypocrite if i left this one sided. Although i like to think i try to keep incontact with my friends and family enough while I'm at uni i know i don't do it as much as i could - or would even like to. Plus i ALWAYS talk about my friends at uni saying "so and so did this" and "omg we did this" but then again i don't stop talking so my friends practically know my whole life story including what jimjams i wore to bed last night.
Although i don't really like change, i don't want to accept my friends have new friends and i don't know everything that's going on with my family, for me gong to uni has been the most positive move i have ever made, and that would be the same for my friends at their universities, so although it's negative for the rest of us, it's a positive change for them.
 But i have to admit i am lucky, new friends aside and everything when i come back it mainly feels like i have never left, everyone is just more excited to meet up which can only be a positive thing right? Life does change so we all have to deal with that,we'd be bored if it didn't!