Friday, 30 December 2011


As much of a celebration that it is meant to be NYE is a time of year I dread (as is my birthday – except the present part of course!). It’s a time where you try and get all your friends who aren’t even friends with each other, as well as family and partners under the same roof and intoxicated with alcohol. If only it was that simple!
Problem number one: you don’t know where to go. So and so doesn’t like this place or so and so is barred from that place just makes everything difficult. And affording tickets, I mean, why does everywhere have to have tickets?!
Second problem: who is coming? You want to invite your closest pals but they don’t all get on. And then they want to bring their other friend but no one likes her. And you want to spend it with your boyfriend but he wants to spend it with his mates so you’re stuck with no kiss at midnight. What a bummer!
Final and most important problem: what to wear. You’ve got a dress in mind and it’s perfect but you can’t find it anywhere - the story of my life I swear. You look in all your local shops, further away shops and even online but nope, the perfect dress is nowhere to be seen! Or even worse, you’ve found it and you’re holding on to it for dear life but it isn’t in your size! I always find it really difficult because with my birthday being only a week before NYE I have to find two perfect dresses and it’s hard enough finding one!
Every year I do the same thing by leaving it to the last minute, and although I always have a laugh, it’s so stressful! So to help prevent always plan a month ahead! That may just have to be my new year’s resolution!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

The New Primary Colours

From being a little nipper you’re always told that red, yellow, and blue are the basic colours you need. However, this season has decided to shake it up and reinvent the primary colours we all grew up with.
To start with, instead of having the bright red we are used to, burgundy has taken over. Although I am a huge fan of red myself I can safely say that burgundy is one of my favourite colours now. Any item I buy I want it in burgundy to add to my collection. I have a vest top, skirt and leggings (which go really well with an oversized cream jumper) and I don’t think I will stop there. Now I have my eye on a dress and this one from Topshop is perfect; as it is a classic sleeveless shift with a nice textured finish and isn’t too long which I often find a problem.

Secondly, instead of bright yellow, which can look nice on those with dark hair and tanned skin (completely opposite to me), I much prefer mustard. Everywhere you look you see mustard in the shops and I can’t help but be tempted. My favourite piece is my mustard pencil skirt which I like to team with a navy top, black shirt or green jumper. It goes well with anything really which is more than you can say for yellow.
I went for the colour block theme by teaming the navy top and shoes with the mustard skirt and red bag.
And lastly, and possibly my favourite colour to wear ever; navy is the new blue. You name it, I have it in navy; heels, dresses, tops, shorts, skirts, it works as a really good replacement for black as it brightens up the outfit more, and works so much better with red and yellow so you can’t be mistaken for Dennis the Menace or a bumble bee. However, it’s really tricky to mix the two; you really need to get it right, which I think is to use minimal black with navy.
So change the way you view the primary colours, as burgundy, mustard and navy are the way forward and a great base to any outfit.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Aztec Obsession

Now I understand that Aztec had been a massive trend from summer through until winter, but lately I just can’t get enough of it.
                After Christmas shopping and looking in endless amounts of shops and finding the same jumper four times over in different shops, everything seems to become a clothing blur.
                For Christmas I really wanted some Aztec leggings and oversized cardigan, not to wear together but they can jazz up any outfit and it’s been such a massive trend for so long I don’t know why I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet. But with all the prints you can’t help but get a headache and picking between two totally different patterns is so frustrating (the simple answer would be to get both but you don’t want to overdo it, I think one Aztec pair is enough for any wardrobe).
                However, this was all until I entered Newlook. Straight away I spotted the cardigan, hanging there in its cream, red and black print, waiting for me to pick it up. It’s just what I wanted. And I don’t know about you but I like mine quite baggy, oversized knits are always the way forward in winter when you want that extra warmth, just be sure that it fits under your coat! 

                Pretty impressed with my find I carried on looking around the store and found a whole array of Aztec leggings. Black and white ones, red ones, blue ones, and then I found THE ones; coloured Aztec print leggings. I liked all the others, I think black and white leggings work well with most outfits so if you want to try the trend but are scared, Newlook do a lovely pair to get you started. However, I fell in love with these ones, the colours mean I can wear a purple or orange top with them, and of course staple black and white as they go with anything; I just love how versatile they are.

                Therefore the only thing to do was pick them up and hand the cardigan and leggings over to the mother. I am pleasantly surprised with Newlook, they have all the trends under one roof so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in there.
                The only bad thing is I have to wait until Christmas day to open them… I don’t think I can wait that long!