Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Fashion vs Food

For anyone who knows me, both food and fashion are major parts of my life; if I'm not shopping then I'm out for a meal, and vice versa.
But when reality sinks in a few weeks after the loan has be blown, and you're left with a 3kg bag of pasta and Asda smart price sauce you couldn't feel any further away from being the millionaire you felt like when you saw your bank balance increase a few weeks previous.
This is when my clothes begin to suffer and my diet becomes as basic and boring as ever. My lifestyle is just too expensive to keep up, so now i have to pick between eating out, and that new dress.
Therefore I've started to look online for clothes, and eat out less, but when I do try and make them Mondays where everything is half price - or use this as an excuse to finally start that diet.
I know most of you are well aware of missguided.com by now but it really is a great place to find dresses for nights out and occassions. I wore two missguided outfits, the green one on my 21st and the black playsuit on NYE. Overall I was thrilled with what I got, the green dress was a little more expensive at £45 but it was sequined. In Topshop you would have to pay at least £60 for a dress like that, so it seemed worth it. While the black velvet playsuit was very cheap at £25. You also get student discount on top of it which makes everything a little easier. They also do great copies of things you would find in the high-street stores at much cheaper prices, it's a great way to save money but keep on trend.
Green Dress £45

Black velvet Playsuit
(I do have more than two friends I promise)

Another great website which you may not be as familiar with is kukee.co.uk. They do jewellery which you can find in Topshop for very cheap prices. I also begrudge spending a lot on jewellery because it's so small in comparison to a new item of clothing, and it usually gets lost or broken. However you can buy triple for the amount you would pay in store on this website.

This way, you can still eat out (half price food at Vodka Revolutions on mondays, Yo Sushi, Slug and Lettuce and now Yates on a Thursday) but keep on trend at the same time.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Roses are Red..

If you have walked down any high-street recently you will know that in 10 days time it is that sweetly sickening day of the year PDA is allowed.
 Now I may sound like I am against Valentines day, but I am not at all. I like that it is an occassion that I can wear a nice dress and go for a lovely meal with my boyfriend. But I hate that everyone else is sitting there, feeding each other over the table across the flicker of candle light. I find it really off putting. I think it's something you should save for when you're at home. Although it is kind of acceptable when you are drunk because you lose all sense of etiquette then.
But one other thing about Valentines day is the whole debate on wearing red - is it too cliche?
I have this red dress from H&M which I have only worn once, and think it is appropriate for my Valentines meal. It's quote short but not too short, and has long sleeves and high neck, it doesn't cling too much either which is a bonus when you're going out for a meal. It goes well with tights too in case it is bitterly cold that night (no doubt it will be).
But that't the problem... it's red!
I'm worried I will turn up to the restaurant and blend in with the sea of red dresses, or stick out like a sore thumb with most girls tutting under their breaths. Is there an unspoken dress code that you should wear red (or you really shouldn't) that I am unaware of?