Sunday, 16 October 2011

New Heights for Tights

Although the weather doesn’t actually know what it’s doing with itself, logically it is meant to be winter, which means only one thing; wrapping up those pins!
But that doesn’t necessarily mean ruffling through your wardrobe to find the long johns and wearing two pairs of trousers, I’m talking about tights! Every women’s best friend in the colder months.
Luckily for us we don’t have to be stuck with out old bobbly wool tights that everything sticks to, fashion has moved on, and if you ask me, it was about time!
Patterned tights are the way forward and I can’t help but jump on the band wagon myself. My personal favourites are the classic dotty ones; they just make your outfit sometimes and jazz up the old denim shorts. Although, you do have to but about eight pairs at a time because they are rather thin and easy to ladder. My tip is to get a bigger pair than you would usually get – then they have more give when caught on something! The heart tights are also a personal favourite.

However, if you’re style is a little more outrageous and you want to turn heads, House of Holland have amazing, quirky patterns that will transform any outfit. Flicking through Vogue online I came across the snooker ball tights and couldn’t help but be inspired by them. With a little black dress I really think they would work well. On the other hand, I’m all for mixing patterns, but putting these tights with some animal print just wouldn’t go down well. If these are to be worn they should be worn as a statement piece, and what a statement you would be making.