Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The British Fashion Awards

The best of the fashion industry came out to play last night for the British Fashion Awards at The Savoy Hotel and Theatre which were hosted by George Lamb and Lauren Laverne.
If there was any time to get your glad rags on it was last night, and most of them most certainly did. But first, lets talk about the winners. The award that everyone wanted, Designer of the year 2011 award went to Sarah Burton for Alexandra McQueen. The award was highly deserved not only for her ultimate design on Kate Middleton’s dress but many were wearing Alexandra McQueen last night such as Kristen McMenamy who looked a vision in cream.

Two new awards were introduced last night, the New Establishment Award and the Emerging Talent – Menswear award. Christopher Kane won the New Establishment Award for the release of his own label whereas Christopher Raeburn won the Menswear award, which by looking at the double breasted suit jacket he wore with a classic white shirt and black skinny tie he totally deserved it.
Amongst the many winners there was someone everyone is familiar with, whether you ike fashion or not, and that was Victoria Beckham. She picked up the Designer Brand award and kept it simple with a long line black halter neck, although looking as elegant as ever, she really could have done with a stick on bra, it looks like The Savoy was erm… rather cold…

But one talent that deserved their award due to their outfit on the night was definitely Alexa Chung. In my eyes she can do now wrong, her messy shoulder length cut and block fringe went down well with her gorgeously embellished dress, and not to mention her Charlotte Olympia cat shoes.  Her Christopher Kane number was easily one of my favourites of the night.

One celebrity that you can always count on to have a show stopping outfit is Kate Moss. Although the long line net dress with velvet trim is not my kind of thing, however along with her fur coat I think she pulled off the vintage dress.

It was all about who was wearing who last night and Stella McCartney did well to get Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman and Kate Hudson in her best frocks yet. There wear one shouldered, tight fitting and plunging necklines all over the place last night.  Although some outrageous outfits everyone looked amazing, it makes you proud to be British.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

It's all in black and white

I'm always browsing the web, jumping from site to site looking for trends and inspiration and what have I come across today on Riverisland.com? Why everything in black and white of course.
     I won't lie to you, I never used to be a fan of black and white together too much, the colours too much of a juxtaposition with the innocent white and daring black. However, after recently purchasing a sleeveless long white shirt with a little black neck tie from River Island itself, I have come round to the idea.
     So I decided to investigate further, and once looking on their website I saw so many more beautiful pieces. For instance, this black shirt with the embellished collar. I absolutely love this because it is bang on trend with the beaded collar, and its not too jazzy, a nice way to dress up a plain outfit.

     Which is why I also like this skirt. I think it's perfect for new years or a Christmas party, this is the only time of year you can really get away with a sparkly piece. A simple top would set the skirt off perfectly.

     But back to the contrast of black and white. Sometimes it can be too much if its within one piece of clothing but River Island have really done themselves proud with this dress. I think i need it in my life, its very sophisticated glamour with a touch of cute. The style suits most body shapes as well so I can see this being a top seller.

     With this colour co-ordination i wouldn't take it over the top by having a white bag and black shoes, I'd stick to a base colour like black so that the white stands out nicely and but doesn't look too matchy. Or if you're more daring maybe a statement colour like red shoes, or to go against the tide with electric blue or bottle bank green (which is seriously in this winter).
     So don't knock the monochrome ways of fashion, fashion develops in time and this trend certainly has thanks to River Island.

Friday, 18 November 2011

It's a Generation Thing...

Recently I went shopping with my friends, I wasn’t actually looking for anything in particular but that’s always how it starts! I stumbled across an amazing dress in New look. It was exactly what I had been looking for for my birthday (although two months away at the time, my theory is no one will have it by then anyway and it’s never too early to start looking).
I had wanted a sparkly dress, you know how it is on your birthday, you want to stand out and this dress was it, it was THE dress.

But, the problem is… It was from the Generations section in New look! The range that does sizes in ages! I was gutted and couldn’t believe my perfect dress was for 12 year olds. I would appreciate the dress so much more than them!
That was until I spotted an age 14 at the back. You’re probably thinking that’s a bit ambitious, I know, but I picked it out and analysed it. I haven’t grown too much since being 14 – well,  being 5ft 3 you  could argue that I haven’t grown at all. It actually looked a decent size when I held it up against me.
While cringing about being a 19 year old that is buying an age 14 dress I had to get it! Surely it doesn’t matter what section it’s from as long as it fits right? And it did! My bum wasn’t hanging out, my boobs weren’t squashed in (nice to know I have the chest of a 14 year old!) it was actually perfect.
I can’t praise the dress enough, I really think a sequined dress is the direction to go if buying a dress this Christmas or New-year. It adds a touch of magic to your wardrobe and it’s a total eye catcher when you’re out.
My personal favourites are black sparkly dresses, with long sleeves and a dipped back, nothing is sexier than that. I think it’s the idea of being covered up with only your legs and back showing, giving you a classy look.
So one of my biggest tips for this winter is the sequin dress, and don’t knock looking in the least likely places like Generations in New look because you can find your dream dress, just maybe take your little sister with you and pretend It’s for her!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Its Got to be... Furfect!

Sorry for the terrible pun in the title but I thought it worked quite well! Anyway, back to the point, moving into my second year at university I have been faced with many more challenges than the previous year, one of them being fur. But I don’t mean a higher level of education challenge.
I always find fur a challenge, whether it’s wearing, working or even talking about fur. There are so many ethical issues around the fashion statement that it’s hard to express your feelings without being scorned at.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s right to kill harmless animals for a selfish cause such as a fashion piece and I do stand by that. However, I do love fur, fake fur is the only option of course – or is it?
Here is my problem; my great Nan has a real, black, glossy fur coat that has been passed down through the family, and I could be next in line. I really want it, it’s gorgeous, but can I outweigh the ethical issues and feeling of guilt somehow? I don’t think I can, but I can give it a try. Even if I don’t wear it it’s already been made so would be a massive waste not to wear it? And no one has to know its real right?

My problem is that my views aren’t strong enough. I wish I was totally against it; I like to think I am but I see my nans coat and just want it, it’s like Phoebe in friends when she gets a fur coat – totally against it until she tries it on.
Until I am actually passed down that real fur coat, my decision for now is to stick to the fake ones, and to be honest I think it always will be, just think it’s a shame to leave such a beautiful coat in the attic until my children can find a better reason than I could to wear it instead of a fake one!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Twinkle Twinkle Little Shorts

If you’re an avid reader of my blog then you’ll remember me saying about how I wanted some leather hot pants. Well now the hot pant obsession has developed; into glitter ones!
It’s one of the things I love about it getting closer to Christmas – all the sparkles come out in the shops and you get away with over dressing. But when I was browsing topshop.com I came across a gorgeous pair of blue glitter shorts. My initial instinct was ‘I MUST have them!’


I did look in store and found them, didn’t have my size and £40 is a bit steep for a student like me but I wish I could have got them! I would have even put up with the fact that the bottom of my bum cheeks would have had a slight chill as the shorts were that tiny. But wearing tights with them keeps my dignity intact surely?
I have come across many other gleaming treasures in the shops, blazers in Zara, tops in Topshop, and even glitter converse online that my housemate is desperate to get! On the other hand though, you have to be careful with sequins and glitter. They can look awfully tacky! But in my eyes Topshop can do no wrong (I go on about their clothes enough on my blog) and I have found personally that their extravagant pieces can’t be deemed as tacky in any way. This is also the case with Zara, so if you want a decent dress/top/shorts or even sequin bag, those two are your best bets.
I am still to buy these shorts, but I will! I just need to learn how to save money instead of heading to the food court every time I go into town.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Take a Bow

I can’t say that I am a huge fan of the masculine look on women, as much as I hate to say it I do think it only suits certain women, those around 5ft9 with a 26inch waist. And let’s be honest, how many of us actually look like that?! But I do love a good blazer and white shirt but not all together.
However, I am starting to become a fan of the dickie bowtie with a buttoned up shirt, I just think it looks really quirky. I have tried it myself, all I used was a wired head band to see if it looked good on, and I actually liked it! So there’s a tip if you don’t want to run out and buy one!
My attempt at a bowtie!
But if you do want to buy one, Topshop are doing a lovely range, made from velvet in every colour, which I think helps blend in with autumn and winter really well. Whereas ASOS’ range has more of a pop art appeal. Their patterns consist of polka dots and stripes, which could really add to a plain outfit. The headband I used was floral and I really liked how it added to my khaki green shirt.

A few months ago I wore one out, a plain black bow with a cream sheer shirt. I really liked it, but felt like a bit of a waiter, so I can see that this accessory might not hit all the catwalks but I think they’re quite a fun way to add to your outfit, without breaking the bank, just be prepared for people to shout their food orders at you if you’re rocking a black bowtie.