Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Love My Vouchers

Those of you who read my blog regularly might have noticed a little widget in the right hand corner.

I have incorporated into this blog to offer you some fantastic deals. Mine are all fashion based purely for the fact that this is a fashion blog, however, if you go on their website there are plenty of other deals, including restaurants, supermarkets, sport and travel - the lot!

My favourite stores that they include are Urban Outfitters and rock my vintage. Love My Vouchers is helping me (and you) to shop at our favourite places with discount prices. What more could you want? 

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Shoes Glorious Shoes

Something that I can't seem to stop myself from buying at the moment are shoes. Last week I bought two pairs of shoes, and I can't wait to have a couple days off work to wear them. 
First up are my primary school like bright red shoes. I had been eyeing them up for a while and I finally took the plunge. I love red, I know some of my friends would pass on buying these shoes because of their colour but I love a statement shoe. 
They were £32 and thought they'd be a nice treat for working so much lately. 

But I didn't stop there with the treats. Another shoe that I had been pondering over for a good couple of months now was the Jelly shoe. Now I know most think they are yet again a childish trend- my boyfriend says I look about five when I wear them but I think they're great. 
I found these on eBay for £20 but Asos also have them. I ordered both black and clear glitter because I really wasn't sure which to go for, but I decided on black in the end as they go with more and look like a more mature and developed version with the slight heel. 
They are really comfy I would recommend them to anyone. I can't wait to wear them with little white socks. 

Both shoes- although both summery, will be able to be incorporated into my winter wardrobe too. Any excuse, I know, but it makes me feel better when I know they were a good investment.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Wireless Wardrobe Worries

I had planned Wireless Festival a few weeks ago, but one thing I left until last minute was my outfit choice. There were too many ideas floating around my head to decide. 
Wellie's or no wellie's? Shorts are a must - but what if it rains? And what if it's really hot? The first step for my choice was definitely to find out the weather. 
26 degrees? That's hot enough for me! So my black Levi's became a definite choice. No rain - no wellie's! I was going to be all hot a sweaty from screaming 'marry me!!' At Justin Timberlake anyway, I didn't need anything that would make me hotter. 
I did think about wearing my dungaree dress or dungarees but I thought shorts were just easier for toilet purposes. The toilets are overfilled and for lack of another word, gross- I did not want my straps chilling on floor while I go about my business. 
For my top half I went for a patterned top from Topshop, it has a tasseled trim which I thought has a festival feel to it.
I wore lots of chunky jewellery, such as this necklace from Newlook at £6.99. I also wrapped a chained necklace from Topshop  around my wrist to make a bracelet. 
The only regret I have for my outfit was that because my top had thick straps I now I have awful tan lines! 
Wireless was amazing, I am very jealous of everyone going today and tomorrow, I wish I was there all weekend. 

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Late Night eBay Sprees are the Way Forward

You know how it starts- you can't sleep so you go on every app, and one thing leads to another and you're on eBay. You promise yourself you're just looking, then you accidentally purchase something. You try and tell yourself that it's a one item thing and it's out of your system, but before you know it you've spent your wages and you don't even feel guilty. 
The good thing with eBay though is you can find absolute bargains so you don't break the bank at all. This evening I bought a few items and altogether it is still under £10. 
First on my list was some sunglasses. I have gone off of last years pair which has resulted in stealing my mum's. The options were endless on eBay, literally thousands of pairs to choose from at seriously low prices, all brand new as well.
They were so cheap I just had to buy two pairs when I couldn't decide. First, I bought some round rimless black glasses as I think they look boho chic for summer, and suit most face shapes (plus they were only £1.59!) I hope I can pull them off John Lennon style. 


Next, I copied my mum's pair- also black but with half a frame. I had a pair just like these last year but lost them on holiday. But at £1.67 and free postage I can't think of a reason not to replace them. 

My other purchase, and perhaps my favourite was this Perspex neon envelop clutch. I have wanted one for so long but kept putting it off because I thought I would never use it. But spotting this from the online shop- Lily Yang Store, at £2.99  I couldn't justify not getting it. Even if I never get around to using it won't he a huge waste of money. I ordered it in the fluorescent green, I can't wait for it's arrival. 

Finally; my last buy of the evening was some silver knuckle rings, at £1.49 for a pack. They also come in gold but I seem to wear more silver lately, and I already have some gold ones. 
So there you have it, when you can't sleep and just want to buy new things, look to eBay for a way to get some new things you need (or just really really want) without spending your money for the month.