Saturday, 31 August 2013

Missguided Kimono kraze

Kimonos have taken over this season, whether it's a kimono style top, chiffon jacket or cardigan - you can't deny the oriental style is creeping in. 
Autumn/winter last year I had Trend Forecasting as one of my units at uni. We were told to look at future events and movements that were going to happen and predict a trend for summer 2013. Back then, I didn't really believe that the increase in the Chinese stock market would actually create a trend, I just thought it sounded good in my work. But it actually has.  So for those of you who think trends just happen.. They are really well thought out, relevant processes. Who'd a thought? 
Anyway, one of my predicted trends was kimonos and look where we are now?
I really like this trend, it's so feminine and pretty and so easy to update any outfit. 
However, even in high street stores you're looking at £40-£50 which I didn't really want to pay for a quick trend. 
Therefore I turned to the web. And I found this beauty for £25! 
It comes with a belt but I have taken that off because it looks too nightwear for me. But I love it, I love kimonos with fringing and the slight colours of lime, orange and lilac. It goes with everything. The perfect item to update a safe, basic outfit.