Friday, 20 September 2013

Holiday Hot Bits

No, I'm not talking about my burnt bits - I mean my favourite fashion pieces I took on holiday with me.
I went to Gran Canaria with my boyfriend for a week and it was perfect. It was 35 degrees, the pool was beautiful and there were cocktails on hand the whole time. I would highly suggest it for a couples holiday.

Anyway, as usual, I took too much stuff and I found that I kept throwing on the same things because they were so easy to wear on the beach or by the pool - but I never learn.

My absolute favourite piece of the holiday was my ASOS smock dress. It was my airport outfit but actually also turned into my beach outfit and 'I don't know what to wear so I'll wear this' outfit. It was so comfortable, I loved the summery print and it was suitable for everything. At £30 I don't think you can go wrong with this all-rounder.

Next, I needed an airport bag, but this also turned into my beach bag and now I am home my everyday bag. I love it. My mustard bag from Zara. I like it even more knowing it only cost £20. They also have it in electric blue and black - perfect for Autumn.

Thirdly, at £34 I thought this was slightly pricey as I will only wear it a few times but I fell in love with it when I saw it in Topshop. It reminds me of a tapestry, which might not sound appealing but I love it. I teamed it with an ASOS off the shoulder black crop top and my jelly shoes for an evening outfit.

These were an absolute bargain, at £15 in the Peppermint sale, I snapped them up for holiday. They were a nice evening shoe without having to wear heels and looked really nice once I caught a bit of a tan. The only problem is they are quite hard to walk in, I think I feel more at ease when I'm wearing 5 inch heels.


  1. I love the wedges :) lovely post xx

    1. Thank you! They might still have them online :)